Monday, April 03, 2006

Wedding Part Deux

Okay, so check out how awesome it is that I still live in the city I grew up in. I know where everything is, and can make phone calls and such. We ARE getting a croquembouche, and it IS from Pix Patisserie! Hooray! And I got in touch with Sarracenia Northwest, who is growing my bouquet and centerpieces. I will be holding a bouquet of Sarracenia leucophylla, as pictured below (these are carnivorous plants, for you novices):

I am going to be the most awesome bride EVER.

We got our registry done, our invitations are being printed as we speak, and now all I hafta do is wait for Holly to finish the dress (later this month) so we can add accoutrement in the form of shards of lace and strips of feathers. I will NOT, mind you, be a parody of a Vegas showgirl or anything crazy like that, but think more like this (except with a red head and no nekked hot guy in the hay):

...except instead of sleeves, I'll be wearing an feathered armband to hide my tattoo. The skirt will be all lacy and shreddy. And instead of a veil (not pictured), my headpiece will be a clip with exotic pheasant and rooster feathers trailing behind the back of my head. I'm still on the lookout for a vintage fox stole to drape over my shoulders for the reception. A tricky find, particularly since I'm insistant on wearing one with the head attached.

Again, I will be a rad bride.


Phylloxera said...

Where are you reged at Biznach?
I don't want to end up getting you something you will make fun of later. So I figure either zelda sheets for a king or queen sized bed, or a blow torch for the kitchen...

Hethz said...

Williams-Sonoma, what the fuck do you think?

We're also registered at Bed, Bath and Beyond, but tragically, they have no Miyamoto-inspired bedding. Besides, there's only room for ONE princess in our bed, bitch.

Hethz said...

But we actually are registered for a blow torch, ironically.

christy said...

hmmm...blowtorch...D and I will have fun shopping for you dudes =)

your dress sounds radder than the raddest radish at the radison, and i'm looking forward to finding out what a "croquembouche" is. (i already that the crazy name for that cake you're getting?)

angeloine said...

oh god,

angeloine said...

this dress looks fabulous!
you're going to be stunning!
good luck to find the vintage fox stole, though!
You're probably the only person I know who would look for that, especially with the head on it, but I guess that's the kind of stuff that makes you so special.
And we're very, very happy for you.