Friday, June 24, 2005

I have awesome powers.

You think I was kidding about the tough boot-short skirt combo? Well on my walk home from Fred Meyer (we're talking 5 blocks, here) I was hit on today 3 times. Three times! The first guy caught me on the corner and told me I look fantastic. Thanks, guy. That was nice. Second time was in the Kwik-E-Store and some skungey hippie guy says, "Thank you angel," and then looks at me like he's waiting for a response. He finally says, "aren't you gonna ask 'for what'?" I just said I don't believe in angels and thankfully he didn't pursue it further. So I'm leaving the store and as I'm passing that poe-ke-lon (kick dudes' asses) place, the first guy comes rounding the corner, all agush and asks if he could maybe have my phone number and take me out for a drink sometime. I told him that I'm flattered, but taken. Gotta hand it to the guy, though. Takes some stones to just walk up to some chick on the street and straight mack. That was prolly all the game that dude had.

....wait, did I just get mini-stalked?


Samwise said...

Pics plz kthx :D

JJ said...

Hi Heather. JJ here. I was gone from civilization for a little bit.

I like your BLOG. So hipster. Jk.

So you were getting the beam in some hot ass skirt eh?! Your man must be happy! A girl who can rock the skirt/boot-thank you very much combo and throw down on some Nippon-RPG.

Love it. Well I've had a blog here for quite a while but it SUCKS bad.

TTYS Homegirl!

You need the phrase: "Call yo Mamma cuz you just met a THUG" thrown-up somewhere on your blog. ;)

Hethz said...

Okay, the only reason this series of events was blog-worthy is because aside from the occasional truckload of honking Latinos, I don't get hit on. If I see a guy checking me out, I usually assume it's because my face is freakishly pink and shiny. In fact, I didn't even get hit on by my current boyfriend, I had to send him an email professing my raging crush.

JJ said...

I was just givin ya a hard time...;P

Hethz said...

I know, it had just occurred to me that I sounded a little conceited, s'all. :D