Friday, July 01, 2005

How To Draw Blank Stares From a Crowd of Vietnamese People

Go to a Vietnamese karaoke bar and do "The Humpty Dance". Give a shout out to your SE Asian peeps by throwing out a "Cám ón" at the end of your performance.

Sit at the only table of white people and have your buddy Danno do "America" by Neil Diamond.

Do your rendition of "Aqualung", Jack Black style. Be a female wearing a short skirt, and bust several running jump-kicks and a friction burn-inducing knee slide for your air guitar solo.

Tell the only chubby girl in the joint that she's got a great booty. While you're holding the microphone. And mean it.


Damon said...

I feel this.

Hethz said...

Gosh, Damon, I miss going to Legin with you. It's not like when you did the Humpty Dance and EVERYONE danced. They all just sat there and looked at me. Some of them laughed, but not at the funny parts. Oh, well.

The Island Lady said...

OMG, I just spent about 30 minute reading your blog and laughing my ass off. You are incredibly funny and definitely have a gift of describing things well. Thanks for the laughs and BTW, I drink too much too!