Monday, April 30, 2007

Oregon Trail 2000, the RPG

These days I am playing my own sordid version of Oregon Trail, wherein I battle ticks, solar radiation poisoning and dehydration, and try to avoid unfriendly locals who want to shoot me off their property unless I flirt or cry. My cowboy hat usually functions as +1 Stealth versus Rednecks, but sometimes those fuckers roll a 20, and the red tail hawk feather in my hat gives me away as some liberal biologist-type.

I also sometimes end up with the ailment of "some spiny thing in my boot", "some wet squishy thing in my boot" or hafta dirt-ski down a 45-degree slope to save myself an extra half mile of hiking, which often results in said ailments. Fortunately, I have immunity to poison oak and bee stings, and I'm only like 100 xp away from another ding. My next quest is "Navigating Through Douglas County With An Aerial Photo & 30-Year Old Topo Map".

* * * *

I'm in Roseburg again. I ate granola and yogurt for dinner in attempt to horde my paltry $110 per diem. Maker's Mark isn't covered by my per diem.


Leonard said...

are you back? i am working at grout. my email is my name (first+last) (can't look at myspace at work.)

Danno Spitzer said...

Be careful, if you shoot a buffalo, you can only bring back 100lbs. of your meat.