Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Huevos Rancheros

I needed to take a little vacay from the blogging for a few days, because when my hobbies start to feel like a second job, I usually abandon them altogether. I don't want that to happen! I don't want to resent my blog. Also, I didn't eat at home much over the weekend.

Anyhoo, I meant to share my huevos rancheros with y'all. I have to be honest, though: while the photos came out very pretty, I don't think it tasted great. Does that ever happen to you? I feel like an imposter even showing this to you. The beans could've used some seasoning, the potatoes needed another five minutes on the stove, and I should've fried (or at least toasted) the tortillas. Oh well. Pretend it tastes awesome.

Huevos Rancheros

1 large waxy potato, diced
1/2 c onion, diced
1/2 c red bell pepper, diced
1/2 jalapeño, seeded and minced
1 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp Mexican oregano
1/2 tsp paprika
1/4 tsp chili powder
pinch chili flake
S&P to taste
4 corn tortillas
1 c cooked black beans
2 eggs
Accoutrement: sour cream, salsa and/or hot sauce, chopped cilantro

Fry the potatoes, onion, bell pepper and jalapeño in a little oil over medium-ish heat. Add the spices and a bit of water. Cover, and cook over low-ish heat until potatoes are tender. If you want, you can jack the heat back up, add some more oil and get a little crispy edge on the potato, but I always fuck this up when the potatoes (inevitably) stick.

While you're heating up the beans (btw, go ahead and give them a little salsa or at least some cumin, S&P), fry your eggs. I prefer "over medium", because while raw yolks are delicious, runny whites are fucking foul.

Heat up your tortillas by either toasting them until cripsy in the oven (give them a spritz of cooking oil and a pinch of salt if you do this) or fry them, if that's how you roll. I fucked this up by just heating them on top of the covered potatoes, which steamed them. This works great for flour tortillas, but corn tortillas taste stupid when given this treatment (unless you're making tacos).

Plate the tortillas, add a scoop of potatoes, then beans, a dollop of sour cream and salsa, the egg, then a sprinkle of chili flake and cilantro, and some S&P. Bueno appetito!


Anonymous said...

While I'm not a big fan of eggs done "over any way" (I prefer them scrambled or in an omelette) the flavors of "huevos rancheros" are great. A great medley. And your pics look fantastic Heather.

Peter M said...

Heather, the dish indeed looks scrump and I revisit this dish if I were you.

Perhaps you underseasoned the spuds...par boil them in salted water first.

Another option, make a Latino Hollandaise for this...with smoked paprika...BAY-BEE!

Judy@nofearentertaining said...

Your picture does look great! I am not a fan of runny eggs all over other food so that probably wouldn't work so well for me huh?

Take a break and enjoy your blogging vacay but please come back soon!

Anonymous said...

i'm willing to suspend my disbelief for you. these huevos are fucking delicious! i would poach my eggs, or else fry 'em till the whites are nice and crispy - i'm not a moderate kinda gal.

i'm totally stealing peter m's smoked paprika hollandaise idea. only 2 or 3 people were reading my blog when i declared smoked paprika to be the official spice of fall 07/winter 08, so i'm glad word is finally spreading.

peter said...

First, you have too many readers named Peter.

Second, I have found that beer and/or tequila can really take the rough edges off of imperfect execution. Given the German roots of so much Mexican music, perhaps there's a tequila-Bärenjäger cocktail in your future; a "missionary position" perhaps?

Jen said...

This is one of my fave breakfasts. And I'm a huge fan of taking breaks when a hobby feels like "not".

Syd said...

Great choice to leave us with.

I have to take a break now and then too. I eagerly await your return though.

tammy said...

Happens all the time. If I make something good, it photographs shitty. If it looks pretty, it tastes bad. Oh well.

I can see what you're doing in that picture, BTW.

glamah16 said...

Dont abandon this, just take time outs as needed. I'm just getting to know you. It can get overwhelming though. As for the dish , it looks fabu. Were both on the Mexican kick this week.

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

Your photo of Huevos would make even my non-egg-eating self want to indulge.

Heather said...

Petah Down Undah - it took me a long time to get over my squeam for non-scrambled eggs, but I started by dipping toast in a runny yolk and now I make my own remoulades.

Peter the Greek Version 1.0 - I think the taters just needed another minute. I love smoked paprika - I used a shitton in last month's joust to make my venison chorizo.

Judy - I bet you could use a scrambled egg! If you put it inside a flour tortilla it would be one of my fave brekkies.

Michelle - I love poached eggs, and also smoked paprika (of which I am also a recent but devout convert).

Peter the Un-Nicknamed - I concur with your assessment of the names of my readers. Also, keep me away from tequila unless you want to see me in fisticuffs. I'm trouble enough just being German. :)

Jen - We all need breaks once in awhile. I just felt like "phoning it in" for a few days, and it was great.

Syd - Geez, what's with everyone? The body's not even cold yet and everyone's like "we'll miss you!" That fried WC at your joint got me all agitated. In a good way.

Tammy - My best-tasting food looks a mess, always. And a bride can flip the bird on her special day if she wants to. :)

Coco - Okay, I'll be honest: my uterus is tired. I've always made fun of girls who take sick days for their periods, but here I am. :P

Valli - I have just started enjoying my eggs "rare" over the past year or so. I should get a hen, so I can enjoy truly fresh eggs!

Emily said...

Bye! We'll miss you!
Just kidding.

There are too many Peters.

The picture is beautiful. Thanks for you honesty.

I'm working on my joust recipe, now!
Is it ok if I make it vegan, gluten free, sugar free, and low fat? Oh, and if I don't use any of the ingredients you selected?

aforkfulofspaghetti said...

You trying to bust all our diets, or something? Your posts lately have been well on the, er, comfort side...

Still, ace way to go ;)

Catherine Wilkinson said...

Runny egg whites will make me kill. And yolks kinda scare me.
I love the pic...I order huevos rancheros everytime I'm in Tucson, (with a shot of Patron) but, really, I just throw the egg away and eat everything else.
I have issues.

Ben said...

Take as much time as you need, we'll be here waiting for you when you come back :-)

I agree, too many Pedros make my head spin :-/

Now I am intrigued with huevos rancheros served over potatoes. I usually served them over a fried tortilla, refried beans, a fried slice of ham or turkey breast and salsa verde or roja on top. But that picture looks amazing. We'll just have to adjust the recipe to our liking, right?

Bueno appetito! Hehehe ;)

Laura Paterson said...

"raw yolks are delicious, runny whites are fucking foul"

Exactly my thoughts! Any that's why I seem to only eat eggs at home - in so many UK eateries there are only 2 options for whole eggs - cooked through - or runny yolk, with snotty whites...


Núria said...

Ooooohhhhh I will miss you♥♥
But, on the other hand, I know what you mean! Trying to be everywhere and cooking and uploading your own recipes is a "hard job", seriously, I'm spending more time in this than in any other thing ;-) (I was thinking about ironing!!!!)

Your Huevos Rancheros look Estupendos, beauty! I guess it happens to all of us that some days things just don't come right :/

Take it easy!
Un abrazo.

Thistlemoon said...

It does look great Heather and I do love the huevos rancheros! I could go for some right now.

I know sometimes blogging can get the best of you - that is why I always give myself the weekend off! But now you are becoming so popular you have to take the heat!!!

Leigh said...

Oh Yeah. Great dish. Great picture!

Brittany said...

Great picture! I have honestly NEVER tried this, but have often wanted to. your picture has inspired me:)

Heather said...

Emiline fancies herself a comedienne, does she? :)

Spaghetti - I know I've been making a lot of comfy stuff, but this dish is actually on the low-cal side, and high in fiber to boot.

Catherine - Nothing wrong with eating a tortilla-less burrito! :)

Ben - I have really never ordered huevos rancheros in a restaurant before, so of course my gringa version looks nothing like the real thing.

Kittie - You're a Scot, so of course you don't like the UK version. Your people perfected the egg when they hard-boiled it, wrapped it in sausage and deep-fried it. :)

Suavecita - Thanks for the pat on the back. I wish I could take a break from my real job, too!

Jenn - I will probably start taking weekends off when I'm not dependent on daylight for decent photos. ;)

Leigh - You look a bit like Ed Norton, you ever hear that? I like your beer blog.

Brittany - It's easy as pie! Err... much easier than pie, actually.

Pixie said...

Well it may not have tasted as you wanted it to, but it certainly looks delicious!

Laura Paterson said...

mmmm... have never tried making scotch eggs from scratch... That might be my mission for March!

Oh yeah - I see the Ed Norton thing too!