Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I heart my knife

I'm having my beloved Wüsthof sharpened and that means I'm without my chef's knife for TWO DAYS! The knife guy only does sharpening on Wednesdays, so I hafta bring my knife in this afternoon and won't get it back until Thursday morning. I feel like he may as well have asked me to drop off my right hand for two days.

I know the Japanese knives have a loyal following, but you just can't argue with German cutlery. I mean this is a sexy knife! I love this knife. It's an extension of my arm.

Oh, little knife, I will miss you.


Thistlemoon said...

I am sorry your knife is on vacation :(
I know how much it sucks being without one's cutlery!

Peter M said...

No knife, no slasher jokes with the hubby...I bet he's relieved!

Emily said...

That's a great knife. I don't have a favorite, or even a really nice one.
I have 2 santoku knives that I like.
Is the joust winner up yet? I'm going to go check.
Thanks for getting me on Tastespotting! I came home from work and got really excited when I saw it.

aforkfulofspaghetti said...

That's some knife... You got a licence for it?! ;)

Judy@nofearentertaining said...

I have to send my knives out too and I have been putting it off! I will really miss them!

Pixie said...

I hate my large knife. I want a nice shiny big one like yours. Think I'll add one to my wish list, that keeps getting longer by the seconds.

Heather said...

Oh knifey-knife. I have survived Day 1 without her.

Jenn - I'm still waiting to get a postcard from knifey-knife.

Peter - I prefer a rolling pin to keep my man in line. ^_^

Emiline and Pixie - I think everyone owes it to themselves to drop the $50 and get a good chef's knife. Since I keep mine honed on my steel every day, the knife guy said I only need to get it sharpened once a year.

Spaghetti - not only do I not have a license for it, I keep it strapped to my boot so I can carry it out in public. :)

Judy - Don't procrastinate! I just keep fantasizing about sliding through a tomato like buttah.

Anonymous said...

Oh i love those! Power knife!
Awesome and beautiful.

Núria said...

He, he, it doesn't look "little" to me!!! I use a german brand too (don't remember the name now), but you have to be careful... more than once, I took some of my finger skin and more ahhhshhhgfhhdhhhgh in the wooden cutting board!!!

Dharm said...

Oooh.. Nice knife. One of the things I love are knives and I am partial to Zwillings (although I dont have one as they are rottenly expensive!) Congrats on the RFJ win and I'm glad you stayed on!! Great use of my choice of ingredients!

Heather said...

Zen Chef - Is it a sign of sociopathy that I think knives are sexy?

Nuria - I have a trick for preventing cuts to my fingertips - I keep my fingernails long and they catch the blade before I can chop my fingertip off. I have cut my nail down to the nub many times, but still have my fingers!

Dharm - I have never even heard of Zwillings but it does sound very expensive. Thanks for choosing such fun ingredients for the RFJ!