Monday, February 11, 2008

Salad is a basic thing.

I am a little embarrassed to admit that I try to eat healthy during the week so I can binge on weekends. No, I don't have a disorder, but if I ate the way I want to every day I would have an ass the size of Ganymede. So I eat a grip of salads. Tonight I lovingly reheated the leftover pulled pork for the Hubz and treated myself to a microscopic garden burger. Scott actually remarked that I made a frowny face when I looked at my stupid tiny burger compared to his perfect sammich. But I tell you one thing, I can make the shit out of a salad.

Salad is such a basic thing that it doesn't even really warrant a post, but I'm finnuh try and get something new up every day, just as a disciplinary measure (practice makes perfect!). So here's a photo of the lovely salad I made.

Man, lemme tell you something. Cutting the supremes out of a blood orange is really fucking futile if you didn't just have your knife sharpened last week. It's a damn good thing I did, else I'da ended up with a handful of purple pulp and angry juice dripping down my elbow. Since my paring knife is due for its turn at the cutlery guy, I ended up having to use my huge chef's knife for the job.

And by the way, next time you're at Ikea, check out the food section. I don't mean the cafeteria, I'm talking about the little Swedish grocery they have there. I picked up some great cheese called Morfars Brännvinsost - an aqvavit-soaked Prästost. It's an aged white cheese that tastes a bit like a sharp, crumbly Jarlsberg. Perfect with a citrusy, sweet fruit.

So I grabbed a handful of mixed baby greens, shaved some Ikea cheese on, and topped with the blood orange supremes and pine nuts. Dressed with a drizzle of walnut oil, good balsamic and some Maldon (yes, I drop $6 for a box of salt - it's like eating diamonds and it is worth it) and cracked pepper, and you're eating simple perfection.

I made my own aqvavit once, but didn't like it very much. Maybe I should try my hand at
Morfars Brännvinsost.


Peter M said...

Ahhh yer salad is okay! lol

The salad actually sounds good, your using quality ingredients and I do want to now try this Eurotrash cheese from IKEA.

I'm also learning DooDoo-isms with your unique Patois...must be a Portland thang!

Judy@nofearentertaining said...
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Judy@nofearentertaining said...

I am having the worst time with blogger comments right now!!! (hence the deleted post!)

Your salad looks great!!! I love the nice, fresh looking colors with the blood orange and cheese! I don't have an IKEA near me but I still would never have thought that they sold cheese???!!!

Heather said...

Peter - it's not a Portland thang, it's an "I make up my own written vernacular" thang. :)

Judy - I was just as surprised as you to see cheese at Ikea! I think a white cheddar would come pretty close.

Núria said...

I'm an Ikea fan too! Only bought cookies once... but if we talk about furniture and kitchen aids... I loooooooove it!
When I follow a diet I do the same thing, during the week there's lots of salads and mineral water and the weekends it's beer time and big size dishes!!!!

Sagari said...

yummy salad

glamah16 said...

I love the little grocery at Ikea. My boyfriend thinks he's Swedish and we get him treats there to feel like he's back 'home'.I have given up trying to control the size of my ass.

Heather said...

Nuria - Half of my house is furnished in Ikea. I love that place.

Sagari - thanks for dropping by! Salads are great, aren't they?

Glamah Girl - I promised my husband that I'd at least wait until after we have kids before I "let myself go." (haha)

cookiecrumb said...

There is enough salt (of various types) in my pantry to last me until I die. Even so, the Maldon will be replaced in kind, as necessary. Fun in the mouth.
(I bought frozen Ikea meatballs. Yikes, good!)

Emily said...

I love salads. For me, it's like something that I have to have everyday.
I don't feel healthy without it. It fills you up, too.

I'll have to try the Maldon.

Heather said...

I like the Maldon on caramels or on chocolate ganache. Just a little bling on something sweet is nice.

Thistlemoon said...

I freakin love salads. They are my favorite things to make sometimes. You can get so creative and it is just soooo good!
We don't have an IKEA around here- but if they have Norwegian Brunost (Brown cheese) I suggest you get some.

Laura Paterson said...

I LOVE the groceries at Ikea - always stock up on the meatballs too - perfect for chucking into pasta/pizza/stew types things mid week!

No good with salads though. By the time I've picked a treat to go with it (i.e. mounds of creamy feta) and drowned it it dressing - I'm usually only 10 calories off a burger...!

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