Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Had a scary dream last night

Oh, Jesus fuck. Last night I dreamt that my brother and I had been charged with espionage for middle-eastern terrorists, and had been arrested and taken to Afghanistan. For some reason, they let me use my cell to call our dad and tell him we were being held up and were gonna be a little late. Anyway, the fucked up part of the dream was when I was in the room where they administer electro-shock treatments as a form of torture to the prisoners. I was watching the dude repeatedly electro-shock this man who was strapped to the table screaming through a gag. I woke myself up when I saw the dude lubing up his gloved fist with Vaseline and made the guy flip over. GAH! Even when you wake up from that kinda shit, you know how the imagery just lingers?

I don't know what's more fucked-up: the shit I saw in my dream, or the fact that I dreamt that shit up.

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