Monday, September 15, 2008

Heirloom pico de gallo

My tomatoes are really coming on good now. I have to go out every day to keep up with them! Otherwise those fucking raccoons will steal them, take a few bites and then leave them there to rot. This is what they've been doing to my pond plants, anyways. Fucking raccoons.

The rest of my jalapeños, I'm letting ripen to red so I can smoke them into chipotles. But once in awhile I actually need a chile for something, and it is so satisfying to just step out into the garden and help myself. My half-assed efforts are finally paying off! Thank you, unseasonable heat and rainstorms.

Pico de gallo is such a no-brainer for using up tomatoes. It's one step away from gazpacho, but unlike gazpacho, I actually like pico de gallo. Oh, don't look at me like that. You have disbelief on your face. What, I don't like everything. Surprised? I'd rather just dip some crispy tortilla chips in this than pretend I'm eating soup when it's too damn hot for soup.

I grabbed a day's worth of yellow pear tomatoes, a few Sungolds brought to the office by a co-worker (I really can never pass up free produce, especially if no one else was taking any), and a fist-sized Cherokee Purple. Gave them a gentle dice with a sharp knife (to prevent mashing them), minced some onion, garlic and a jalapeño, then a handful of chopped cilantro, salt and pepper. That's it! If you're one of those people, you could throw in some cucumber and give the whole lot a blitz to make gazpacho. But really, why would you? Pico de gallo is way better.

It's particularly nice draped across a brekkie burrito, too. Quite nice indeed.


Manggy said...

Those darn raccoons! They should know to finish the whole tomato if they plan on spoiling it. Otherwise, what's the point, right?
I've got to get my Latin food straight. Pico de gallo is a type of salsa, right? Am I totally embarrassing myself?

Peter G | Souvlaki For The Soul said...

Great pico de gallo...or is that salsa? And I totally agree with you about gazpacho..I'm not the biggest fan. Perfect with "brekky" (love the Aussie slang here Heather!).

Judy@nofearentertaining said...

I LOVE pico de gallo and eat it by the spoonful. It looks beautiful with the heirloom tomatoes!

Mosby said...

Maybe if you left out some fleur de sel or a can of Old Bay, the raccoons would set a spell and do justice to those lovely heirlooms. At least it will keep them out of the garbage.

Syd said...

Pico de gallo *is* way better.

I can't believe you still have tomatoes and peppers. Mine are long gone.

Peter M said...

We have a racoon problem too. City laws prevent us denizens from vigilante pest control.

A good pico de gallo like this is what got me to finally dig cilantro (and I'm warming up to your hairdo).

Anonymous said...

i lurve pico and will eat it on anything.

we also did tomatoes and jalapenos this year, and it felt so nice to just wander out and pick 'em. it was also nice that they tasted a kajillion times better than grocery story tomatoes and jalapenos.

the chiles and our roma tomatoes are still going strong, hooray for bizarro weather.

Heather said...

Mark - Yes, pico de gallo is a type of salsa. "Salsa" just means sauce. Youre not embarrassing yourself!

Petah - The main difference between pico and regular salsa (that I can surmise) is that pico is not blended or pureed.

Judy - Oh, it's so tasty fresh-made. I even put it on my green beans.

Jess - I agree. I should train those raccoons to be proper gastronomes.

Syd - I'm at the 45th parallel, baby! We've had a long summer, preceded by a cold spring. Lucky us.

Peter the Greek - Vigilante pest control is the best kind! As long as they're not fighting with my cats, I guess I don't really care. I just wish they wouldn't destroy my shit.

Michelle - Totes on the bizarro weather. If I recall, you didn't even like toms until you grew them yourself? That's what I'm talkin' about.

jmisgro said...

The first time that I can remember having pico de gallo is when I was 15, sailing on an old US Navy ship that was sold to Mexico. I was in Texas then and in high school band. Our band was invited to play in Veracruz for their festival week. The crew on the ship made us fajitas with pico de gallo on top. Oh man, was that ever good!

Cathy - wheresmydamnanswer said...

I am a huge fan of Pico De Gallo. This is one of those yummies that have a place anytime of the day. Yours looks so amazing the picture just jumps off the screen.

Brittany said...

I feel ya on the gazpacho thing. When made properly, It's basically salsa. And why would anyone in their right mind want to drink salsa?

Tomatoes and peppers in the middle of September. This has been the craziest produce year. I hear that apples and pears wont be around until October.

maybelles mom said...

my mother was racoon and I am offended by your comment--j/k. looks delicious.

Nikki @ NikSnacks said...

LOL@ maybelle's mom. For real. LOL

Ok, so I like pico. Yours looks good. Fresh and yummy all dribbled over your brekky.

Jen said...

The pico de gallo is gorgeous! And I agree about the f'in raccoons. This is a great day for wonderful tomato posts!

Thistlemoon said...

Wow that looks lovely! I can't even imagine how delicious that would be with heirloom tomatoes!

peter said...

Try making gazpacho and pouring vodka or tequila into it. It's a bloody María.

I spent all day making sauces, salsas, and sambal.

glamah16 said...

The only downfall of a garden is the critters it attracts. But thats nature. I love, love, love heirloom tomatoes and I agree. Id much rather have a pico de galo than cold soupI (I'll eat gazpacho but Im always thinking it could have been a nice salsa). It just makes more sense.

Anonymous said...

Oooo purdy... I'm making something from heirlooms for the the dinner.

Unknown said...

Back in New Mexico, where I actually GREW tomatoes, we didn't have racoons - we just had those giant disgusting green tomato worms. UGH! But here, where we have racoons, I don't get enough sunlight in my little garden for a tomato plant.

But I love salsa. And in NM we made it chunky style. Who had time to blend? We ate it too fast! Wish I had garden tomatoes here!!!

MrOrph said...

I got a 40 for those racoons if you need it and I don't mean malt liquor!

Man, look at those tomatoes!!!

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

Beautiful pico de gallo. I wish tomato season would last forever.

Heather said...

jmisgro - Fajitas with fresh pico de gallo sounds amazing.

Cathy - Having so many colors of tomato really makes it pop, dunnit?

Brittany - I feel the same way about a Bloody Mary. I just can't hang with the tomato juice!

Maybelle's Mom - Hahaha

Nikki - I could eat breakfast burritos every day, I think. Even with store-bought salsa.

Jen - The raccoons really just destroy everything, and they're so mean! They attacked my neighbor's dog once. A pitbull.

Jenn - It's a god way to use up some tomatoes, that's for sure. :)

Jube - Your arms must be very tired. I never thought to make my own sambal oelek. Hmmm...

Courtney - I think raccoons are cute, and I love all the birds I get. They just need to keep their grubby little hands off the merchandise.

Marc - I can't wait to see! If this keeps up, I might make a consommé.

Toni - Yeah, we don't have those scary hornworms, THANK GOODNESS. Giant caterpillars freak me out.

Don - I'd be lying if I said I hadn't thought about it.

Rachel - Me too! But hey, mushroom season is just around the corner.

Nilmandra said...

I love the colours!

michael, claudia and sierra said...

what you say
i grew stuff
what i hear
whawha whawha whawha

but that's just me

(i kid because i'm greeeen with envy - beeuteeful pico)

Anonymous said...

I think i just heard you twittering you're tired of tomatoes?.. No.. it was just a dream. :-)

Beautiful stuff Heather!

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

This is a colourful and tasty accompaniment Heather:D

LeLo said...

This is my favorite way to eat fresh tomatoes. Pico de gallo is a staple in our household this time of year.

I think in Portland's grey winters I actually dream of it. Ha!