Thursday, February 07, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year, everybody! It's the Year of the Rat. I got some of my coworkers to join me for dim sum at House of Louie, my favorite old-school joint in Chinatown. The red vinyl booths and golden dragons really give it that classic charm.

Portland Ground: Pictures of Portland Oregon - Used by Creative Commons License

There is something so gratifying about picking little plates of moist dumplings and fluffy buns off carts that roll past your table every 30 seconds. It's no wonder that dim sum is so popular in America!

I perused Blogger today to find a good Chinese food blog, and found some that're pretty cool. Here's a link to the Gary Soup Blog- a blog about eating Chinese food. His post about eating the zodiac is very interesting, although I'm not sure if I'm ready for any barbecue rat.

Here is another Chinese food blog that I find very informative: Eating China. The recipe for whole steamed fish looks so simple yet completely sublime. My own experience with steaming seafood was when I attempted to steam two live dungeness crabs in my traditional bamboo steamer. Those little fuckers started crawling out of the steamer! I had to weigh down the top with a heavy pan and stand outside with my fingers in my ears while they shrieked their last shrieks.

I hope you all enjoy a healthy and proseperous year!


Peter M said...

Kung-Hey Fat-Choy, Ms. Gwei-lo!

You must find a better way to dispatch your crab, Missy.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Congrats on your Food Joust win! Your recipe was absolutely inspired! And Kung Hei Fat Choy to you, too!

Emiline said...

Nice transition into the well wishes.

Happy New Year to you!

Hey, I found a blog you might like:

Bellini Valli said...

Happy New Year :) Congrats also on winning the Royal Foodies Joust :) Very creative and ingenious recipe :)

Ben said...

Happy New Chinese Year to you too!!!

And congratulations on winning the FRJ, too! You rule! :-p

Heather said...

Mr. The Greek - I was gonna boil 'em but didn't want to sog out their flesh! They really do make sad little noises when cooked alive. And omg, you just called me a honky, didn't you.

Jen - Thanks! Peter the Down-Under Greek called this RFJ "Foodiegate", and I think that name is gonna stick.

Emiline - I have always been terrible at a segue. Thank you for that link - I will not get any work done today.

Valli - Thank you so much! I really tried to do something different with a lentil. :)

Ben - Thanks! I can't wait to see what you make with the ingredients I chose. Mmmmaybe carnitas? ;)

Núria said...

Poor little ones! I remember when I had to throw crabs into the boiling water, they didn't want to get into the pot, they felt the heat and extended their legs to crawl out... horrible!
This might sound silly but I ask for their forgiveness before I kill them.

Susan from Food Blogga said...

Would you believe we have been in San Diego for 7 months now, and we still haven't found a go-to Chinese place? Ugh.

PS- Woo-hoo on the RFJ win! :)

Pixie said...

HAHA! what a great story about the crabs and thanks for the links

congrats on your food joust; i must give it a try for next month

Heather said...

Nuria - I know it sounds silly, but since I am a Cancer I feel extra guilty killing crabs and I apologize to them too! :(

Susan - I'm just lucky that I still live in the town I grew up in, so I know where the good Chinese food is.

Pixie - Thanks! You should totally enter the RFJ this month!